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We offer a large range of accredited level 2 courses that come complete with a learning resource and assessment pack. Learning can be undertaken by both distance and blended approaches depending on the learner or organisations needs. These courses are all suitable for anyone who wants to know more about specific topics for their ow personal awareness and development. Courses are offered free to learners who are 19 or over, have lived in the U.K for 3 years and are not currently receiving funding for any other learners.

Health and Wellbeing

These courses develop understanding of  different aspects of physical health and wellbeing, conditions that may affect individuals and ways to support their needs. These provide an insight into the impact of living with a variety of health conditions and relevant guidelines. Some of the courses are relevant to all age ranges enabling them to be transferred to different settings.

Mental Health and Social Wellbeing

These courses develop understanding of different elements of mental health and conditions that affect social skills and wellbeing. They provide an insight into the impact of living with a condition and legislation guidelines that impact on supporting individuals.

Children and Young People's Wellbeing

These courses develop understanding of specific areas of wellbeing such as mental health and common illnesses and the impact these have on meeting and supporting needs. These  are applicable to children and adult services or for anyone who comes into contact on a regular basis with children and young people.

General and other Topics

These range of courses develop understanding of a range of topics from keeping individuals safe to understanding and promoting rights and good practices. They help develop practice skills and develop an awareness of guidelines that impact on how we work with individuals.

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Level 2 Course Overview