First Aid Courses

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First aid is the initial response to a life-threatening medical emergency. This could be a first response to an injury or an illness. Our first aid courses are fully accredited by Highfield Qualifications.

Emergency First Aid at Work

The emergency first aid at work course enables you to provide emergency first aid to a person who becomes ill or injured while at work. This course is relevant to any work setting or for anyone  who wants to learn life-saving skills. The course is delivered over one day with knowledge and practical elements and  concludes with a multiple choice exam. 

Paediatric First Aid

The paediatric first aid course focuses on providing first aid to a child or infant. This course is relevant to anyone working in a childcare setting or for anyone who has an interest in learning child and infant life-saving skills. The course has one day self-study, you will be provided with the resources and workbooks to complete, and a one day taught session with knowledge and practical elements. the day ends with a multiple choice exam to support the completed workbooks.

There are courses already taking place around Shropshire and both courses can be delivered on-site where required by employers.

Explore  the course information section below to find out the full details for each course offered or contact us for more information.


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